Leaf Thermometer

Code: Leaf Thermometer D710L
Japanese designer Hideyuki Kumagai has created a paper leaf-shaped thermometer that changes color depending on the temperature. Mimicking nature, the leaf stays a natural green color if it's warm, turns brown if it gets cold, and turns yellow if it becomes hot. Each leaf has a small seal on its back so you can attach it to surfaces like the bathroom mirror, fridge, computer or window.


Just the thing in a baby's room to give you peace of mind knowing your little one is neither too hot nor cold.

These handy Leaf Thermometers give you a quick visual indication of the room temperature: when the temperature is perfect the leaves are green and fresh, if it is too cold they go brown and if it is too hot they yellow. These leaf thermometers are such a simple design that blends perfectly into a nursery environment.

Packaged as a set of five - put one in each room, arrange them on a wall or sit them in a vase,

Give as a Baby Shower of Birth gift, or as an interesting gift for a friend.

Another fantastic example of Japanese pragmatism with form and function beautifully linked.

Pack of five large leaves (2.6 x 6.6″) )


DAYS Notebook Ring-bound in Orange
View Days stationery has been a long-time favourite of the Japanese for decades. Known for its quality paper and fine engineering of its mechanical pens and pencils, its reliability is unquestioned and a familiar brand in the workplace and on campus.

H15cm x W11cm x D2cm
Quality Japanese Paper
Our Price: $16.95

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Hourglass, Large
View This hourglass from HIGHTIDE is both a 15 minute timekeeper and striking decoration.

Slow down. Breathe. Take a 15 minute technology holiday, flip the hourglass, meditate for 15 minutes or practise some mindfulness. Focus for 15 minutes solely on one task, with no interruptions.

This hourglass will look great on your desk, bookshelf or kitchen bench.

HIGHTIDE, from Fukuoka, Japan, imbues all of their products with a classic Japanese design spirit, coupled with a day-to-day functionality.


QUANTITY: 1 x hourglass
SIZE: Large - 7.5 (dia) x 13.8cm (h)

As this product is handmade, please use it as a guide only and refrain from using it as an exact measurement of time.- MATERIAL: Glass, sand.

SOURCE: Designed in japan. Made in China.

Presented in cardboard gift box.

Our Price: $39.95

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