Hen-Shin Balloons

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These are no ordinary balloons! Only the Japanese could elevate the humble balloon to an art form!

Imagine the squeals of delight at a small child's birthday party as they witness a balloon changing colour in front of their eyes! "Hen-shin" means "transform" in Japanese, and that's just what these extraordinary balloons do.

On Design has transformed the regular balloon and created some magic: these balloons change colour as they are blown up. The color of your balloon will depend on how big they are inflated.

The deep, bright, saturated colours of the balloons attest to their quality.

6 pack of various colours Material: natural rubber (latex)
Balloons: h 105 x w 50 x d 10mm Size when inflated: 300mm
Package Size: h 230 x w 130 x d 10mm
Age 3 years old +

A NOTE TO PARENTS: Please be careful not to inhale the rubber balloon as there is a risk of suffocation. When the balloon that is not inflated, or the balloon is torn, please keep out of reach of children.

Marusa is a small Japanese company located in downtown Tokyo that makes fantastic products. For years it has been making balloons for children throughout Japan but it has always had an interest in design.

Marusa has teamed up with Y. Asano of Asano Design Studio and the team behind +d to develop these amazing balloons that are just like magic.

Asano Design Studio brought us Splash! Umbrella stands and has brought that same sense of fun and wonder to these balloons. All these balloons are handmade from the best quality latex so are easy to inflate.


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