Traveler's Notebook Accessories Brass Pen Refill

Code: Pen-Brass Refill Traveler's Notebook
Refill for the beautiful Traveler's Notebook Brass Pen.

Details: 1 pcs
Size: 3 mm x H70mm

Midori's timeless brass refillable ball point pen is pure brass that deepen in character over time, turning it into a coveted writing tool. The cap sits on top of the pen to create a full - sized, perfectly balanced pen.

At mimoto we use and love this writes so finely, smoothly and cleanly, with no ink blobs or smudges! It is a must in our bags and on our desks. It also has a perfect weight...not so heavy, making writing effortless. It is also a great pen for fine line illustration. It is exquisitely engineered and a pleasure to use.


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