List it! Wrist Band to Make you Remember

Code: List it! Lime
Life has become so busy it's hard to remember everything we need to do or buy each day. This innovative idea let's us wear our tasks on our wrist so we can remember those 'must do's' or 'must get's'!

List it! also be used to keep children safe in public places by writing a mobile phone contact on the wristband so you can be contacted if they go wandering off. Great peace of mind and List-its come in child friendly colours.

List-its could also be used as a special 'invited-only' guest identifier at a teenage uninvited guests allowed! Place them on at the door when guest names are checked off the list or send them with the party invitation!

You can use LIST-IT in so many ways, they are only limited by your imagination.

For the office, school, home, out shopping, hospital, an event or party and more.

Material: Strong Paper
Total Length: 282mm


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