Code: Tapehook F003
A hook that takes inspiration from the special look and qualities of tape. The end is curled up just like a piece of tape, so it's easy to hook items like accessories and keys.

The hook is attached with adhesive, so it can even be attached to walls where pins can't be used. Though it looks fragile and thin, it can actually hold quite a lot. So it creates a curious sight when things are hooked on it. Looks very cute in a child's room!


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COLOURS: NO.1 white/yellow/green NO.2 beige/blue/pink NO.3 grey/orange/navy Load Capacity:approx. 50g (*please read instructions for use) Paper Used: Hook = classico tracing paper Package = coated paper SIZE;hook 45mm x 15mm x 17mm PACKAGE SIZE: 88mm x 66mm x 25mm
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