1/100 Series Architectural Model Greeting Card - Sorry

Code: SORRY CARD 1/100

In Japan, the angle at which your waist or mid-section is folded indicates the level of your apology! So fold the person according to the level of your need for forgiveness! Let's hope you'll be forgiven!

Naoki Terada's 1/100 scale paper creations are so clever it's hard not to want the whole series.

The people and animals in these Greeting Cards are a darn cute way to convey feelings and messages to friends. Just fold up the cardboard to create a pose that means something to you, pop your message in the speech balloon, and send it to someone important in your life. No adhesive or scissors required. Simple!

Weight: 25g. Scale is 1/100. Card measures 103mm x 148mm and comes with a white embossed envelope.

Photos : Kenji MASUNAGA

Greeting Cards designed by Naoki Terada from Terada Design in Japan.

Naoki Terada


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Naoki Terada 

Architect, designer, modeler, culinary specialist

1967 Born
1989 Graduated from Architectural Department, School of Science & Technology, Meiji University
1994 Completed the diploma course of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA school) in the UK
2003 Established Terada  Design First Class Architect Office
2011 Established TERADA MOKEI 

"Terada-Mokei was established with a view to exploring the potential for modeling, which is created by scaling things down and giving them detail, through models. This reflects our belief that when real items are replaced with models, the latter have an essence of reality, stuffed with dreams, and the potential to become more vibrant -- better word in my opinion than their originals. We also consider it important to enjoy the process of assembling models.Terada-Mokei also hopes to convey the fun of assembling models and imagining the same." TERADA
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