Fan Incense - Scent of the Forest

Code: Forest CMN-01
Imagine you are deep in the forest, you take a deep slow breath, and as you exhale you allow all your senses to become alive. You can hear the leaves trees rustling with the wind, the distant buzzing sounds of insects, the cool air softly touching your cheeks, you smell the organic and reviving scents of the forest air and earth beneath your feet. This fragrance is an elegant blend of bergamot, lemon, jasmine and woody notes, and its careful blending will transport you back to this moment.

The fan motif of the packaging is a common pattern of traditional Japan; since ancient times it has symbolised good luck.

Contents: 20 pieces/sticks

Size: 90mm x 180mm x 18mm

Burning time: 15-17 minutes per stick

Made in Kyoto, Japan by the Premier Incense Masters Kousaido.


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