Mapa Casa

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This is a beautifully designed quality toy, suitable to give as a very special gift, such as "welcome baby" present or even a unique housewarming gift.

Mapa Casa is based on the idea of family; Mum, Dad and child. Not only do the figures come in different sizes, they also represent different races (white, black. and yellow races).

Japanese Designer, Shuhei Tominaga explains that the people are "in a large house, all playing together hand in hand, which is based on world peace and love. Human-shaped pieces are designed and combined with triangle, square, and circle shapes. Compose creatively with these human-shaped pieces. Large and small pieces can combine together as one large art piece. A steel ball is located inside each piece, which gives the joy of sound."

"Mapa Casa can be used as a baby's' rattle, building blocks, balancing game, dominoes, a game of marbles (golf/soccer), make-believe games, and noughts and crosses. You can also decorate the room or entrance as your family interior."

There is also a special place for writing a name and special message on the back of the box, with the intention of the toy being handed down from generation to generation.

Big doll h 65 x d 60 x w 17 Little doll h 42 x d 38 x w 17 mm�

Wooden box h 215 x w 215 x d 55 mm

Materials: Heads includes one of hard maple, wenge or bubinga. Body Horse chestnut.

The set sits beautifully inside the wooden box for storage

18 dolls : 12 big and 6 little dolls = 6 families!

Design Shuhei Tominaga. Product by Atelier mapa. Made in Japan

Designer�Shuhei Tominaga!


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