Mapa Casa Mini

Code: Mapa Casa Mini
This beautifully designed quality toy and photo frame would be loved by any new parents!!

A natural extension of the MAPA CASA toy, the MAPA CASA MINI is based on the iconic idea of family; Mum, Dad and child. Whereas the MAPA CASA toy symbolises the love and peace of the wide world, with people of various colors, the Mapa casa Mini represents the smaller family of Mum, Dad and Child in their house. A steel ball is located inside each piece, giving the joy of sound when shaken.

The photo frame is sized for a standard photograph and is designed for a picture of families and children. Enjoy the Gymnastics every day in front of the photo frame!

The figures of the MAPA CASA MINI can be used as a baby's' rattle, building blocks, balancing game, a game of marbles, and make-believe or pretend games.

There is also a special place for writing a name and special message on the back of the box, with the intention of the toy and photo holder being handed down from generation to generation.

Big doll h 65 x d 60 x w 17mm
Little doll h 42 x d 38 x w 17mm�
Materials: Heads Bubinga, Body Horse Chestnut

Product by Atelier mapa.�

Made in Japan.

Designer Shuhei Tominaga


Shuhei Tominaga

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