Palomino Aquarelle Pencil Artist Colour Wood Box Set of 24

Code: Palomino AQUARELLE 24
This set is presented in a beautiful Wood box with latch closure. A wide ranging and brilliant colour pallet gives a wonderful set of tools for artists, drawers and sketchers. Watercolour Pencils for a great scope of shading and colour manipulation. Whether doodling on a notepad or creating your latest masterpiece, working with these pencils is sure to inject a little extra imagination and inspiration into your sketches.

Incense Cedar wood with round body shape.

QUANTITY: 24 Watercolour Pencils. In beautiful wood Box
SUITS: Watercolour, Sketching, Drawing, Shading
SOURCE: Made in Japan

White, Pink, Yellow, Med. Orange, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cinnabar Green, Green, Red, Cobalt Violet, Brown, Black, Flesh Pink, Deep Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Aqua Green, Carmine Red, Purple, Yellow Ochre, Orange, Magenta, Emerald Green, Sienna, Warm Grey