The Story of the Forest Bookends

Code: The Story of the Forest Bookends
The story of the forest..... a doe peeking from behind the bushes that is also hiding a resting fawn. The designer wanted to capture "a deer stepping softly on the heap of snow[sic] and hiding behind a big rock in the snowy night.....[creating] a small winter landscape."

The two pieces of this item tell their own story that is then expanded when placed close together. It is a beautiful addition to any collection of books.

Although not Japanese, we couldn't resist these magical forest creatures from South Korea. Appree is a multi-award winning design company from Seoul that is renowned worldwide for its innovative work. With nature as their inspiration, they focus on storytelling and aim to create an emotional response to their work. These delicate pieces of nature bring the feeling of outdoors into your home or office.

Material: Steel, PET
Size: 165 x 140 x 75(mm)

Colour: White


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