Black Series: Condiments Oroshiki Grater

Code: Condiments Oroshiki Grater
Made in Niigata, these beautifully designed kitchen utensils are for those who appreciate design in every part of their lives, where a 'less is more' approach means that thoughtful choices of everyday objects can give great joy or reflection, even when simple or routine tasks are undertaken.

The Black Series Condiments Grater, also known as an�oroshiki grater,�is a superb kitchen tool of stainless steel with fluorine flat black finish resin processing, giving it an elegant but robust designer appearance. Fantastic for ginger, nutmeg garlic, galangal, wasabi, daikon and other root based vegetables and spices. There is a groove around the grater to capture all the precious juices.

Designer Hagino Mitsunobu designed this range of stainless steel tools for the home chef as they that do not rust, are easy to care for after use and have an ergonomic comfortable feel when using them.

Comes in an attractive compact size that will easily transition from kitchen to dining table, thus taking kitchen utensils into another orbit. �

These rustproof gadgets are coated with fluorocarbon polymer which gives the mesmerising and timeless matte black finish.

Winner of the 2009 Good Design Award

Origin: Made in Niigata Japan
Size: W75 x H200 x D25mm / 100g
Weight: 100g
Materials: Stainless steel (fluorine resin processing)

Delicately boxed, making it ideal for gift giving.