Cast Iron Bottle Opener, Crow (High)

Code: Crow (High) Bottle Opener
This unusual bottle opener features an abstract crow motif. It is designed and made by Tadahiro Baba, who is an ironware craftsman creating various original cheeky motifs!

The high crow looks as if raising the head, looking into the distance. Attractive, playful, elegant and reminiscent of the monochrome world of shadow pictures of our childhood. This is definitely an object that should be placed somewhere�prominently�in the kitchen as a�
sculptural�ornament. It's sure to get some interesting comments!

A great gift for those who love playful and intelligent design. Purchase the low crow bottle opener for a great sculptural set!

Size: High Crow W.89 D.20 H. 60mm

"Nambu-tekki" (cast iron) was first made in the middle of the 17th century in Iwate, northern Japan. A traditional craft, it remains popular today.

Tadahiro Baba
Born in Nagano city in 1930, Tadahiro Baba graduated from Department of Crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts. After working as a corporate designer in product development, he launched his own design office. Producing mainly metal tools for daily use, he designs products with traditional craftsmanship while bringing out the best of the materials. His work is famous for its expressive character. Currently based in Nagano and Tokyo, he continues working enthusiastically to create a variety of products from tableware to monuments.


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