Traveler's Notebook Accessories Brass Pen Case

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Brass Pen Case Traveler's Notebook Midori

Made of solid brass, this beautifully crafted and pared back brass pen case proudly carries the "ages well" signature; the longer you use it, the better it becomes. The copper in the brass alloy oxidizes and develops some verdigris. If you wish, you can also polish the brass with some metal polish.

A truly beautiful, life long item for your favourite pens and pencils. A perfect gift that is ageless and will become a much treasured and nostalgic item.


Traveler's Notebook Accessories Brass Pen
View Midori's timeless brass refillable ball point pen is pure brass with a 100% brass barrel. The brass deepens in character over time, turning it into a coveted writing tool. It is a compact 9.7cm when closed and extends to 14 cm when you place the cap on top of the pen to create a full - sized, perfectly balanced pen.

At mimoto we use and love this writes so finely, smoothly and cleanly, with no ink blobs or smudges! It is a must in our bags and on our desks. It also has a perfect weight...not too heavy, making writing effortless. It is a great pen for fine line illustration as well. It is exquisitely engineered and a pleasure to use.

QUANTITY: 1 Ballpoint Pen Black Ink
SIZE: 9.7cm when closed and 14cm when open. 1.1cm in diameter.
REFILL: 0.7mm Black Ballpoint Ink
REFILLS: Traveler's Notebook refills
Made in Japan

Our Price: $34.95

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