Traveler's Notebook Leather Large Brown

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Traveler's Notebook Large Brown

Pen Holderstyle="padding: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 0.8em; line-height: 18px; ">Midori's Traveler's Journal is leather and made of cowhide, designed to develop its own texture as you use it. Reminiscent of bygone years, this journal has been made with traditional handmade craftsmanship and ensures that your journal will become your trusty travel friend. As you use the notebook more and more, the leather will develop a richer colour and will become imbued with your individuality. The leather is tanned using plant-derived tannin, boldly cut, then a rubber thread is fixed with a tin clasp.

With each travel destination, you can add more journal or diary inserts as you fill each of them in. You will soon have a treasured library of valuable memories and memorabilia from all those special holidays.

You can customise your Midori Traveler's Journal with additional envelopes, rub-on letter sheets, new notebooks, diaries and brass pens and pencils that will ensure every need for memory capturing is met.

The bookmark cord is made long enough to thread charms or beads. A spare rubber thread for binding the leather cover is also provided in the package. You can also use commercial rubber bands that fit.

The paper is carefully made in Japan. Note refills are MIDORI's original diary paper, which are specially made for smooth writing. The run-proof paper is designed for delicate writing and suitable for fountain pens. The attractive leather cover with a rough texture is hand-made in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Package contents:

Cotton Bag / H240 x W150mm

Leather Cover / H218 x W130 x D10mm

Blank notebook (64 pages) / H210 x W110mm

Spare Rubber Band


Traveler's Notebook 008 Large Zipper Pocket
View Midori - Traveler's Notebook Refill - Large - Zipper Pocket

This transparent zippered pocket case suits the Large size Midori Traveler's Leather Notebook.

Made of PVC this zipper pocket fits to the outside of the large-sized refill and is ideal for storing money, receipts, tickets, railway schedules and ticket stubs and much more - all the travel memorabilia you may collect!

Measuring 22.5 cm x 21 cm when opened flat. Fantastic for customising your Traveler's Notebook.
1 zippered pocket

Our Price: $12.95

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