Traveler's Brass Pencil and Erasers Refill Midori

Code: Pencil Brass Refill Traveler's Notebook
Traveler's Notebook Midori Brass Pencil Refill

Refills for the beautiful Traveler's Notebook Brass Pencil. Simple to refill, rendering your pencil a timeless piece.

Package: Paper case pencil
HB 3 pieces, eraser 2 pieces 
Size: Package H98 x W27 x D13mm
Pencil / D7.5 x H75mm
Eraser D10 x W15mm

Midori's timeless brass refillable pencil is pure brass that deepens in character over time, turning it into a coveted writing tool. The cap sits on top of the pencil to create a full - sized, perfectly balanced pencil. It is exquisitely engineered and a pleasure to use.