Traveler's Notebook 012 Large Sketch Paper

Code: 012 Notebook Sketch Paper Traveler's Notebook
These refills each have 48 pages of Midori's sketch paper. The pages are plain, textured and white. Recommended for ballpoint pens or pencils, fountain pens and wet inks. Use for your art journaling and watercolours. The Traveler's Notebook paper is perforated so favourite drawings and paintings can be taken out of your notebook and popped on the pinboard at home to keep those memories alive!

SOURCE: Made in Japan
MATERIALS: sketch paper
QUANTITY: 1 sketch paper Refill
SIZE: 11.5 x 21cm
PAGES 48 (24 Sheets)
SUITS: Midori Traveler's Notebook - Large - Brown Leather / Black Leather
FEATURES: The pages are plain and white.