TERRA LID of VISION GLASS Vase with brass lid

TERRA introduces a compact vase that is made of a metal lid and a glass designed by 10 Terra. This vase and terrarium allows you to enjoy the evolution of plant life. The plant rests on a hand hammered disk, reflecting light off of each facet.

The lid is made of one piece of brass and its shape is elaborately hammered, which is a traditional process that creates a beautiful reflection of light. Brass objects change their look with time, thus, bringing out their unique beauty.

TERRA combines this lid with a heat resistant glass called "VISION GLASS" made by an Indian labware maker. Enjoy aquaculture with the new "LID of VISION GLASS".

Dimensions LiD-L VISION GLASS "LW" Set dia 74 x h82 mm.

Makes an unusual and design savvy gift!!

Designers: YAMADA Kenichi & TSUMANUMA Daisuke


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