Cast Iron Hexagonal Plate designed by Tadahiro Baba

Code: Cast Iron Hexagonal Plate
This three-dimensional shaped multi-use plate is designed and made by Tadahiro Baba, who is an ironware craftsman.

This item is shaped like a diamond-cut and the unique centre rises. Its irregular surface creates beautiful shadow pattern.

Hexagonal Plate

Size: W.115 D.133 H.25mm

Material: Cast Iron

Tadahiro Baba

Born in Nagano city in 1930, Tadahiro Baba graduated from Department of Crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts. He produces mainly metal tools for daily use, and designs products with traditional craftsmanship, while bringing out the best of the materials.

Tadahiro Baba's work is famous for its expressive character. Currently based in Nagano and Tokyo, he continues working enthusiastically to create a variety of products from tableware to monuments.


Eraser - Evolution Eraser
View Designed by Hiroyuki Shiratori, this striking eraser changes as you use it.

Follow the evolution of man: the more you erase the more it evolves! You can also reverse the evolution process to show man devolving back to the apes.

A clever concept that will sure to become a design icon. Great gift for anyone who with an enquiring mind.

The evolution eraser can also be utilised as an unusual decoration around the home or office, and will be the centre of much amusement by family and friends.

It can be used as a stamp on both ends of the eraser as well. Imagine the fun you'll have decorating wrapping paper or gift cards with humans and apes. Very Cool!

We love this eraser, and are sure you will too!!

60 x 30 x 55 mm


Available in white, beige or black

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