Code: KINTO UNITEA 720ml
KINTO UNITEA teapot set

Japanese designer Shibata Fumie designed this elegant Unitea pot for KINTO. It is composed of various units made of 3 different materials: heat-resistant glass, plastic, and stainless steel. These teapots are great for any type of tea and table scenes. This glass teapot is heat-resistant and contains a stainless steel strainer. The oversized handle gives a firm grip. The rounded shape enhances the infusion of the tea leaves, and the shape of the lid to pour. The overall design is well considered and perfect combination of both form and function.

Size: 78 mm by H138 by W146mm
Capacity: 720 ml
Features:�720ml capacity
Materials: Heat-resistant glass and stainless steelStainless Steel Strainer, heat-resistant glass pot, plastic lid

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