Handcrafted Kumiko Pot Stand / Ryuso

Handcrafted Kumiko Pot Stand /Ryuso

These pot stands are made by Inomata Art Joinery Workshop located in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, using "Kumiko" a decorative technique of traditional Japanese Architecture.

"Kumiko" is the technique which creates various sophisticated patterns by combining precisely cut small wood pieces by hand, and it is a high-precision technique that does allow even the smallest margin of the error.

These delicately-shaped cherry wood are finely crafted, yet robust enough to withstand the hottest pot.

They are the epitome of classic Japanese design and hand workmanship.

The soft and delicate geometric shapes give beauty and style to these everyday objects. Its beautiful geometric pattern becomes brilliant accent in your kitchen.They could also be mounted on the wall as an art piece.

[Size] W.205 D.135 H.15 mm

[Material] Cherry


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