KOMA Set of 2 cups and saucers

KOMA Set of 2 cups and saucers Designed by MUTE.
Manufactured by HATASHIKKITE, the col. series are products of creative Japanese inspiration made using the traditional craft technique of 'Rokuro Biki' (wood turning).

Available in beautiful colour combinations, these KOMA Set of 2 cups and saucers. KOMA means a spinning top in Japanese, as its shape looks like a spinning top.These sre perfect for serving Japanese tea, and have a lid which also can be used as a coaster. This set of 2 pieces comes in a gift box. Each piece is unique, with the wood characteristics becoming an integral part of the container itself.

While these KOMA Set of 2 cups and saucers look gorgeous on your shelf in the kitchen, and can also be used as storage for jewellery, bathroom cotton balls and other essentials, bedside objects and a myriad of other bibs and bobs!

Size of Cup Diam: 88 H.54 mm

Size ofSaucer�Diam:95 H.7 mm

Material:/span>Castor Aralia (urethane coating)


Hatashikkiten was established in 1930 by Hata Unomatsu, who was himself a craftsman of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware). Commitment to quality, selection of materials without compromise and masterful techniques have all been passed on until today.

From daily use to special occasions, the products feature sturdy yet practical construction as well as simple yet modern design.

Each one is hand-made by a skilled craftsman and the company earns its high reputation with a wide range of customers.

Wood turning is one of the traditional craft techniques of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware in Kanazawa Prefecture), using solid pieces of wood to form shapes.