FUTAGAMI Brass IHADA Stationery Tray Large

Code: Brass IHADA Stationery Tray Large
Brass IHADA Stationery Tray Largedesigned by Masanori Oji and made by FUTAGAMI, Japan.

This gorgeous brass IHADA Stationery Tray has an organic crude casting of brass and is designed to be used as a pen holder or money tray. The upper face of the tray is IHADA-finished, a crude casting surface. The tray gradually changes its color over the course of years due to oxidization. The longer it is used, the richer and subtler it becomes.

They can also be used as a tray to pop your keys and sunglasses on when you arrive home at the front door, for your favourite jewelries or bibs and bobs next to the bed, as a tray in the bathroom, or even a serving tray for small canap�s.

Dimensions: w210 x d87 x h13mm

Material:Roughly Cast Brass

Designed by Masanori Oji

FUTAGAMI was founded in 1897 and has a long history of making brass artifacts.

The techniques of making these brass artifacts were initially used to make Buddhist items for celebration and worship, and are now used to transform exquisitely designed home items into modern collectibles. Metals such as brass are subject to change their look with time, thus, bringing out their unique beauty.