Onami Tumbler Silky 110

Code: Silky Onami Tumbler
Onami Tumbler
Onami is a spinning metal maker who collaborates with designer YAMAZAKI Yoshiki to create authentic tumblers and rock glasses.

Spinning tool lines are made on these simple tumblers and rock glasses, which are created by using a metal spinning technique. Because the tumblers and rock glasses have spinning tool lines on their surface, it is not slippery to hold even when your hands are wet. Since they are made of stainless steel, there is little concern that they will break, and they are perfect to be used outdoors as well. The mouth of the tumbler has a large diameter, meaning it is easy to clean the inside of the tumbler.

Dimensions (mm):Silky Tumbler dia 92 x h 110mmL

Material:Stainless steel 18-8

Capacity: Tumbler 110/ 410ml (when filled to brim)

Onami's stainless steel "Silky" finish gives a unique gloss which is achieved by not polishing the product, reducing shininess, and giving the product a finish which enhances the beauty of the spinning tool lines.